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When training isn't enough, the water resources development experience of Southeast Hydrogeology, PLLC can make all the difference, whether it is diagnosing and solving complex water well problems, recommending a maintenance and rehabilitation regimen to maintain well performance or siting and designing a new water supply well.

Representative Services We Provide

Water Well Diagnostics

Over time, well performance can be reduced from factors such as biofouling, mineral incrustations and filter pack plugging with fines. Southeast Hydrogeology is well versed in a wide range of diagnostic tools for troubleshooting well performance issues. Development of key performance indicators for each well allow tracking of well performance to determine optimal well rehabilitation schedules.

Well Construction

The key to a high performing and long-lasting well is proper wells design, construction and development. Well design and construction must account for the hydrogeological conditions encountered during the test hole phase. Well development is an often overlooked, but vital component of a productive well. Many problems encountered in wells can be traced back to improper design, construction and development.

Well Siting Studies

Well siting studies take into account not only the location of the prospective well, but also the target depths, aquifer characteristics and land use constraints, including wellhead protection considerations. Fractured bedrock environments pose a special challenge to identify optimal drilling sites to encounter water-bearing fracture zones with sufficient yields. InN bedrock environments, Southeast Hydrogeology utilizes fracture trace and lineament analysis to key in on locations with above average potential for significant yields.

Hydrogeological Assessments

Hydrogeological assessments range from well siting studies, including lineament and fracture mapping; groundwater recharge assessment; water availability analysis and pumping tests to determine well capacity. Southeast Hydrogeology specializes in bedrock environments, including karst, which can often be complex and difficult to characterize.

Well Rehabilitation Strategies

Southeast Hydrogeology works closely with quality water well rehabilitation contractors to design effective rehabilitation strategies to maximize productive capacity of the well and extend its lifespan.

Well Health Assessment

Through our series of key performance indicators, Southeast Hydrogeology can assess the current health of the well based on a panel of biological, chemical and physical parameters. These parameters are used to determine optimal schedules for well maintenance and rehabilitation

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